Fully Customise Liquidity for Banks and Institutional Trader

We are a leading provider of wholesale liquidity, technology and credit solutions to brokers, money managers and banks globally. As a leader in FX, all ITI FX platforms provide immediate execution on highly competitive, fully transparent, multibank liquidity. ITI FX offers leading edge technology solutions including a range of front-end platforms, MT4 bridges and API FX connections to enable clients to access the FX market according to their optimal trading preferences. ITI FX executes trades based on pricing direct from the top global FX banks. The firm does not take market risk. Instead, our latest technology aggregation system lays off all positions with bank at the time of execution. Institutional traders seeking optimal FX market access or banks and brokers looking to enhance their FX offerings will find a range of robust solutions with ITI FX.


Liquidity Bridge

ITI FX’s Hub / Liquidity Bridge Solution provides universal connectivity between Retail FX Trading Platforms and Liquidity Providers, hosted in our datacenters in Equinix NY4 or LD4 or deployable on-site with your brokerage. ITI FX’s technology can be deployed for a single Platform and LP (Bridge model) or as a central point of connectivity for liquidity, risk management and reporting for multiple Platforms and/or LPs (Hub model). ITI FX UltiMT broker solution brings together the matching engine, the aggregator, the bridge and the back office all in one efficient product. With millions and millions of tickets processed every month, you won’t find a more reliable, stable and consistently easy-to-use platform anywhere else.


ITI FX uses a LIVE institutional price aggregator to scan the interbank market for the best bid and offer prices across our Tier 1 Liquidity Providers. The aggregator then arranges the bids and offers to form a LIVE market depth and quotes the best bid and offer on the MT4 Platform. Not only does this method ensure the tightest possible spreads, it also reduces slippage and increases transparency in the forex market. ITI FX enables totally transparent Direct Market Access to the spot foreign exchange market. Advanced, low latency trading platforms, APIs and real-time executable pricing from top tier FX banks provide a level playing field for traders.

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