Frequently asked questions

  • Are My funds secure With ITIFX ?

    Yes. Under the company corporation and Money Laundering Act , ITI FX has Trust Account with Regulated Liquidity Providers to Service Trading Activities.

  • What is the procedure for opening a real trading account with ITI FX?

    To open a real trading account with ITI FX, you must fill the online Account Opening Form and carefully read the following documents: Terms & Conditions. Then you need to provide the required KYC documents in order for us to verify your trading account. Once your account has been approved, you may proceed with funding.

  • How can I deposit into my trading Account?

    ITI FX supports the following payment methods: Bank Wire - please contact With our Manager, in order to obtain bank details necessary for you to process your payment. Neteller, i-Account, internal Transfer *** If you Have Optional Payment Methods, Please contact With our Financial Depertment.

  • How do I withdrawal My funds ?

    To withdraw funds, please make a withdrawal request via email or fill up .Pdf file Our accounting department will receive your request and proceed within 1 business day. If you are Company or Joint Account holder, you Must have request us with .Pdf file

  • Do you charge any fees for Deposit and Withdrawal ?

    ITI FX does not charge Deposit And Withdrawal fees, however third party processing fees might apply.

  • What are the trading hours ?

    Due to the different time zones of the major financial centres, starting from New York to Australia, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Europe, the forex market is open 24 hours a day (except on weekends), usually from Sunday 00:00 until Friday 23.59.59 Cyprus local time (GMT+2 Winter time, GMT+3 Summer time).

  • How May I get Free Forex VPS ?

    To get Free Forex VPS , You have to Deposit 2000 $ And Must Open 10 Lot Trade. If you failed to Fulfill this conditions, we will send you an invoice to you.


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3. Deposit Funds
4. Trade With MT4